ICONN to shut its technical network on March 15, 2015

The Intercollegiate Online News Network will be closing its technical network as of March 15, 2015.

Between now and then, we will help sites currently active on the network find alternative hosting and doing it in a way that causes minimal disruption to the site’s operation or its availability to students or to the audience.

The decision to close the technical network has been a difficult one — one that we have struggled with for several months. We have been plagued by technical glitches that have been increasingly hard to solve and that have prevented us from developing the network as we had hoped. Financially, supporting the network has also become a problem.

On the other hand, the current state of technology available to collegiate and scholastic news websites to operate independently has never been better. In that sense, we find that ICONN is serving a need that no longer exists — although it certainly did when we began the network in 2010. Scholastic and collegiate journalism programs can set up their own multiuser sites easily and quickly, something they were not able to do a few years ago.

During the next couple of months, we will work to minimize any inconvenience that this may have for your site. We have specific shutdown procedures and instructions on how to set up an independent site using WordPress.com that are simple and straightforward. We believe that the transition for our sites will be seamless and easy.

Jim Stovall

January 16, 2015

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