WordPress Links

The following links provide access to WordPress online tutorials on a variety of subjects. A full list can be found at http://codex.wordpress.org/WordPress_Lessons

WordPress for Beginners

▪                First Steps With WordPress

▪                WordPress Semantics – Learning the Jargon

▪                New To WordPress – Where to Start

▪                Using WordPress Themes

▪                Using Images

▪                Finding WordPress Help

▪                I Make Changes and Nothing Happens

Designing Your WordPress Site

▪                Developing a Colour Scheme

▪                Designing Headers

▪                CSS Horizontal Menus

▪                Dynamic Menu Highlighting

▪                Good Navigation Links

▪                Next and Previous Links

▪                Styling for Print

▪                Designing Your Post Meta Data Section

▪                Separating Categories in your Post Meta Data Section

▪                Customizing the Read More

▪                Formatting Date and Time

▪                Styling Lists with CSS

▪                Designing Headings

▪                Playing With Fonts

▪                Using Images

▪                Wrapping Text Around Images

▪                Fun Character Entities

▪                Comprehensive list of design articles

▪                Adding a Favicon

Features and Functions

▪                Linking to Posts, Pages, and Categories

▪                Using_Smilies

▪                Coloured Quicktags

▪                WordPress Feeds

▪                Customizing_Feeds

▪                Writing Code in Your Posts

▪                HTML to XHTML